The most beautiful mountain in the world for its great beauty and pyramidal shape seen from the Jancarurish gorge. Its access is through the ravine of Santa Cruz. The normal route is located on the west wall, it is currently the most direct French route. That requires many physical and technical experiences. From the summit you can see a large part of the Cordillera Blanca and the colorful lagoons.

Duration: 6 Days / 5 Nights.
Altitude to the snowy Alpamayo: 5,947 m (summit)
Difficulty: Very difficult
Recommended time: May – Septiembre.


Day 01: City of Huaraz 3,100 / Caraz (2200 m) / Cashapampa (2,970 m) / Llamacorral camp (3,760 m).

Departure at 7:00 a.m. From the city of Huaraz to North of the Callejón de Huaylas to the city of Caraz 2200 m. Then we will continue along a road that leads to the town of Cashapampa, 2900 m. where the muleteer and the donkeys will be waiting to move all logistics material to the Llamacorral camp 3,760 m here we will spend our first night. 04 hours trek and 03 hours of transport.

Day 02: Camp. Llamacorral (3,760 m) / Camp. base of Alpamayo (4,300 m).

After breakfast 8:00 am. We will start walking for 5 hours through the stream visiting the Jatuncocha lagoon and we will go up a Zigzag path to the Arhuaycocha ravine towards the base camp of Alpamayo, 4300 m, here we will spend the night after a delicious centa. 05 hours of walking.

Day 03: Camp. base of Alpamayo (4,300 m) / Camp. one of Alpamayo (5,400 m).

This day very early after breakfast 6:00 am. We will start walking towards the moraine camp 4900 m. where we will enter the glacier in this place we will use the climbing material to ascend to camp one of the Alpamayo 4500 m.
Here in the hill we will set up camp here we will be able to observe the beautiful west wall of Alpamayo with a nice sunset, after dinner we will spend the night. 08 hours of ascent.

Day 04: Camp. one of the Alpamayo 5,400 mts / Summit of alpamayo (5,947 m) / camp one of the alpamayo (5,400 m).

This day very early at 1:00 am. We will assemble all the climbing material for the approach to the wall, cross the rimaya and advance along the wall following the 500-meter straight line of 60-70 and 80 degrees near the summit, once on the pyramidal summit of Alpamayo 5947m. We will observe numerous lagoons and the snowy Huandoy, Pisco, Santa Cruz, Artesonraju, Pyramid Garcilazo, Pucajircas, Taulliraju and the Huascaran and many more mountains. Then we will begin to descend the wall with rappels mounted by the guide until the end of the wall. We will return to Camp Uno and spend the night after a delicious dinner. 14 hours of ascent and descent.

Day 05: Camp. one of Alpamayo (5,400 m) / base camp of Alpamayo (4,300 m).

After breakfast we will begin to descend with 2 first rappels, then we will walk towards the base camp 4,300 m where we will spend our last night after a delicious night.

Day 6 base camp of Alpamayo 4,300 mts - cashapampa 2,970 mts - (return to Huaraz). 07 hours of walking and 3 hours of transport.

After breakfast we will start walking through the valley of Arhuaycocha descending through the Santa Cruz creek to the town of Cashapampa 2970 m. where the bus will be waiting to return to the city of Huaraz.



  • Mountain guide
  • Cook specialized in normal and vegetarian food
  • First aid kit
  • Camping equipment (camping tent for 2 people, mats, etc.)
  • Kitchen equipment (dining tent, chairs, tables and kitchen utensils)
  • Private transportation at the beginning and end of the expedition
  • Food during the expedition (Breakfast, lunch and dinner)


  • Entrance ticket to Huascarán National Park s / 65.00
  • Food in the city
  • Sleeping bag
  • Tips

Recommended Personal Equipment

  • Trekking boots, polar or wool gloves, sun hat, hat for the cold (polar and / or wool), windbreaker jacket, windbreaker, glasses with uv protection, 40.70 l backpack, bottle for water, sun block cream, front torch with extra batteries, personal first-aid kit, photographic camera, sleeping bag - 15c °, toilet bag and towels, flips flops, trek sticks.

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